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Building Cleaning & Maintenance

There isn’t a building that we can’t clean. So all you have to do is just tell us what your needs are, and we will make it happen for you. We have the means and tools ready to approach every type of building. Our goal is to offer you the best cleaning services in Delaware, satisfaction and have you as a returning customer.

Office Cleaning

Offices are the image of the person working inside. For sure you don’t want to be percepts like a disorganized and dirty person. A clean office is an excellent working environment and pleasant space to invite people in. You will sense the difference from the first minute you will walk in a cleaned office, feeling empowered to tackle another day.

Daycare Cleaning

A clean environment is a must when children are spending their time in it. The young ones are more sensitive and fragile when it comes to diseases and infections, so it is something we cannot disregard. Our company has the means to clean and disinfect all areas and surfaces so that children can play, eat and sleep in a safe environment.

Bank Cleaning

Banks must inspire trust and reliability to its customers. And how they can achieve that? By having an impeccable presentation. And this can be accomplished through our professional cleaning services. Be prepared to welcome customers into your bank in the most welcoming and pleasant environment, where everywhere shines due to cleanliness.

School Cleaning

Due to the high number of children that come here every day, schools need special attention. They have the bad habit of forgetting to wash their hands before eating, or even putting their fingers in the mouth. Thus, they are exposed to a series of health conditions no one wants to occur. Avoid such situations by keeping the school squeaky clean. We can help you touch this objective.


Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial spaces are areas of high traffic. Each day, hundreds of people walk in and out, leading to dirty and dusty surfaces in a shorter period. Also, these areas are usually large, but that doesn’t frighten us. We have the equipment to clean and do maintenance of large surfaces and businesses found in Delaware, in a relatively short time. We offer the best commercial cleaning services in the area.

Janitorial Services

In case of large enclosures, like a commercial space, a permanent janitor can ease the workload of making a complete cleanup. It’s not that cleaning such areas is difficult, but a janitor will keep it clean for extended period, and large cleaning processes will have to be done only periodically, to refresh the entire space at once.You can’t tell how helpful a janitor is until you have one. Give us a call to find more about our janitorial services for your business.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are most sensitive when it comes to dirt. And if you have them in high traffic areas, traditional cleaning methods won’t pay off the results you need. They are good looking, but dirty carpets can hold a large amount of dust, very unhealthy for everybody. Give us a call and we will make your carpets look like being newly installed. Do a carpet cleaning now!

Floor Cleaning

The floors are the first thing noticed by people when entering a commercial space. So you need to make a good impression by having clean floors. Our equipment and special cleaning products for floors will ensure a spotless floor in no time. Promote a presentable image for each customer that passes your threshold, by having brand new floors every day.

General Maintenance

It’s great when you unroll an extensive cleaning actions through your entire building. But you can’t do it all the time. So the solution we propose is to have periodic maintenance, which is more affordable and helps maintain a clean situation for longer periods.


Floor Stripping & Waxing

Just mopping a floor in an enclosure with high traffic will just wipe the dust off the surface. You need much more than that if you wish to have pristine floors. Our company in Delaware offers professional floor stripping and waxing services, ready to manage every type of floor.

The stripping methods we use will not destroy the floor, just remove dirt and stains that cannot be removed by mops. The floor will instantly look brand new like it was put in yesterday. And waxing helps by offering a shiny layer, which will also protect from stains, dust and dirt for a longer period, making the floors look exceptional.

See the smiles on the faces of people that come into your space, and are impressed by how the place looks. It is the effect that a properly cleaned floor can make. And we are more than prepared to make that happen.

A dirty floor is not pleasant even to your eyes, who walk in that space every day, so just think about what the rest of the people will think. Wish to see your floors cleaned and flawless?

Contact us and we will deliver the new floors you wish for.


Deep Scrubbing

Tiles, Linoleum, and other synthetic flooring materials can get have a bad aspect in time because dust and dirt enter the structure of the material and makes it look unaesthetic. Now, you wouldn’t make anyone manually scrub the floors because it is a titanic work that will end in a much extended period. And it is not efficient as well.

Contact Spartan Cleaning, a top rated Delaware cleaning company and see how a deep and professional scrubbing looks like. We possess state of the art equipment, specially designed for this purpose. They have rotating bristles at a very high speed, being both efficient and gentle on the floors. So don’t worry about them being scratched.

We also use in depth cleaning products that will aid the equipment, in order to have a spectacular results. Every joint and corner of your floor will look impeccable.

We GUARANTEE that you will be more than satisfied with the results because we know we have the best means to do such operations. So in case you are not pleased with the look of your floors, besides carpets, do contact us for a deep scrubbing. It is all you need to do to obtain clean floors like never before. And the results will last, allowing you to perform ordinary maintenance.


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