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Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

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If you are familiar with using cleaning services, then you should know that Spartan Cleaning is nothing like what you have experienced until now. With more than 15 years of experience in the professional cleaning domain, the latest cleaning equipment, and the best-trained personnel, they can take any job, anywhere. Don’t go any further until you ask Spartan Cleaning to make you an offer.

About Our Company

Our company is open to making custom quotes for the exact job you need. Thus, they make sure your money is well spent and cleaning is done by the highest standards. With headquarters in Delaware, Spartan Cleaning makes no difference between the types of building and places the need to clean.

Join Our Staff

In case you need a reliable job in a reputable company, do check out the positions we offer. Cleaning is not something difficult to do if you have the right tool and know the best techniques. You just need to pay attention and you’ll deliver an excellent job. Teens are always welcomed to apply.



Superior Cleaning Solutions


Building Cleaning & Maintenance

Every building has its corners that need to be taken care of, regarding cleaning and maintenance processes. Whether it is the stairways, elevators, corridors, windows, you name it, they must be cleaned as well.

You can’t just clean the offices and important enclosures, and leave the rest unattended. Probably you don’t leave your businesses half-way done, right?

So don’t hesitate to call us when you need a large task, as a building, to be properly managed. We are not afraid to take on such commitments, and we will treat it professionally, no matter of the size.

Hallway to the business office room

Office Cleaning

The office is like a visiting card for each person that works inside. You most certainly will not wish to be represented by dust, grime, and chaos. Also, the environment in which you work should be inspiring and pleasant

Floor Tile Vinyl Cleaning London

Bank Cleaning

Banks are institutions that must inspire trust and seriousness to every customer that passes their thresholds. Thus, it is imperative for all of them to be welcomed in an environment that looks flawless.

room where children learn to draw in a private preschool nursery

Daycare Cleaning

There is nothing more unpleasant for a parent to take home a sick child from the daycare center. Spartan Cleaning will make sure the little ones will have a great time in a safe environment.

empty classroom

School Cleaning

Spartan Cleaning will make sure everything is spotless and properly sanitized. All the dangerous bacteria and viruses that trigger stomach flu, colds, dermatitis and many other health issues will be completely wiped out.

Modern cafeteria with colorful and stylish design

Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run because a clean environment is a must in every case. Working in a pleasant and clean space is benefic for you, your employees and your customers.

A clean environment will always leave a great impression for whoever comes to your headquarter or working point. Let none improperly cleaned, because it can represent the difference to being successful or not.

If you like making your products or services flawless, then the cleaning of your commercial place should be treated the same.

And we are here to help you achieve that.

Portrait Of Happy Confident Male Janitor With Cleaning Equipments And Wet Floor Sign In Office

Janitorial Services

We have professional janitors that can be present at your location and make sure everything looks perfect. They are there to make sure our standards are respected, and cleanliness maintained.

beautiful hotel corridor with carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be a real challenge to clean, especially in areas with high traffic. Call our team in and you will have brand new and fresh carpets in no time. We know how to handle this matter in a professional way.


Floor Cleaning

There isn’t a surface we can’t handle or make it shine. Our cleaning team has the tools and cleaning products that will make even the most difficult dirt spots disappear.

Cleaning agent standing and smiling at camera in front of his van

General Maintenance

General maintenance is extremely useful in places where many people come and go, getting the surfaces dirtier in a shorter period. We can do these maintenance procedures creating a pleasant environment for each day.

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Besides the flawless floor cleaning, we also do periodic maintenance, to make sure your floors will remain brand new for years to come.

Floor stripping, waxing, refinishing and buffing, are the operations we use, considering the type of floor you have, to make them look impeccable.

Choose to work or live in a space that always looks clean and taken care off. Spartan Cleaning has the means to make sure these are respected accordingly.



Deep Scrubbing removes the top layer or two of dead floor finish contaminated with ground-in dirt in preparation for applying multiple coats of new floor finish. Goal is to remove old, dirty finish without removing remaining layers of sound finish. This allows us to extent the time in-between strippings.


Deep Scrubbing is much less labor intensive than stripping, so it should be used for as long as the finish can be repaired. It is time to strip off the old finish when a traffic pattern has worn through to the tile or when the  scratches are too numerous to repair.
a blue floor mop machine with foam floor cleaner


What They Say About Us

The living proof that our services mean quality and reliability lies in our customers. See what they have to say about our team and the results they received after Spartan Cleaning visited their location. Our goal is to increase our list of satisfied customers, so we will always keep our standards high.

Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris

We appreciate your dedication to excellent service provided to our facility everyday. Your crew has been doing a wonderful job and we are happy with their work. Your crew exceeds my expectations and I congratulate Spartan Cleaning for their commitment to outstanding service. I would recommend your company to any business looking to get professional cleaning services.


Lisa Wilson

I was initially hesitant to call Spartan Cleaning because I knew that my office space was so much smaller than many of the other businesses that they cleaned in the area, but I realized that I was spending so much time cleaning that I could have spent working. I called, and I wish I would have had called sooner. They were able to set me up on a routine cleaning schedule that met my needs and my budget. Now I can focus on my job, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.


Jess McGuire

When I began doing research for commercial cleaning services for my business, Spartan Cleaning consistently came up. I was impressed at how personable they were over the phone, and because they had time available that afternoon to rush over and give me an estimate. I was surprised that they were able to get me on their schedule in just a matter of days. Their customer service is phenomenal.


Tony Grinder

Satisfaction! That’s what you’ll get when you hire “Spartans” to clean your business. We’ve been utilizing their services for years, and we’ve been nothing but satisfied. They have always provided excellent customer service anytime we’ve had an issue it has been promptly addressed. They are thorough and efficient, and they clean to high standards. Thank you Spartan Cleaning for the wonderful job you do.


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About Spartan Cleaning

Managing more than 50 units every day, the professional Spartan Cleaning team can tackle any challenge. So regardless of what you need to get cleaned, never hesitate to contact the best service available.

Having more than 100 employees, Spartan Cleaning will be where and when you need them, with no exception. No compromises are made when it comes to high quality and customer satisfaction. It will be the first time you will see your place sparkling of cleanliness and freshness.


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